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ice cream truck near me



Established in the spring of 2007, Peaches & Cream is a seasonal ice cream truck that delivers premium ice cream treats and smiles to all with a sweet tooth. We have been running strong for the past 17 years!


As a high school teacher, I started Peaches & Cream as a summer business and have never looked back. Our first truck was built from scratch, from a mini school bus and converted to a fully-operational ice cream truck. After nine years of service, the original Peaches & Cream has been retired to make way for a newer truck, Peaches & Cream #2 (actually, Peaches & Cream #3, if you count my son's Halloween costume!)


I live in Wall Township with my wife, son and dog. I love this area and I'm thrilled to be the ice cream man at local parties, fairs, sporting events and business functions, as well as circling the friendly streets of your neighborhood.


We're here and ready to deliver! Please give us a try for your next party or social occasion...or whenever your sweet tooth may strike!

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